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Our Legacy

In the beginning...

Dennis and Barbara Barton 1Pastors Dennis and Barbara are known for their legacy of faith, investment and commitment to the Kingdom of God on this earth.  Many, many lives have been impacted for Jesus because of the ministry and faithfulness of this powerful couple.

Pastors Dennis & Barbara Barton moved from England to NZ with their daughters, Linda and Denise, in 1967, initially Pastoring in the small community of Tuakau. At that time they also ministered in a powerful move of God in Hamilton, witnessing many healings and miracles.

In 1971, Dennis and Barbara were invited to take up the pastorate of the Sydenham AOG Church in Christchurch. The early 1970’s saw God’s revival power at work throughout NZ and worldwide. In Christchurch, this move saw hundreds of hippies, surfers, students and bikers respond to God’s love. Dennis and Barbara were already familiar with God’s sovereign power in action and, along with their daughters, Linda and Denise, worked tirelessly with these new converts to establish them in faith, seeing hundreds of lives transformed and many healings and miracles occurring.

However, the upheaval that goes with revival is demanding and often uncomfortable,  and some established members of the congregation could not accommodate the cultural shift. Consequently, some congregation members were unable to accept the change that was required for this shift.  As a result, Dennis and Barbara stepped down from their role as the Pastors of the AOG Church. Sadly, this signalled the slowing down and ultimately the end of the revival in Christchurch at that time.

In 1973, Pastors Dennis and Barbara felt called to pioneer a new church in Christchurch, which they called Family Centre. The church met initially in what was then the Caledonian Hall,  before purchasing a premises in Bealey Avenue and ultimately moving to the current location at 140 Springfield Rd, St Albans.  

In 1982, David and Denise Cooper joined them as Assistant Pastors. Ten years later, in 1992, through a powerful encounter, God gave the church new vision and a new direction.  At that time the church was given a new name; Beulah (Isaiah 62:4 -‘married to the Lord’).

In 2010 Pastor’s Dennis and Barbara moved to Crete for a season, to support their daughter Linda’s ministry outreach there. At that time they transferred the leadership of the church to Pastors David and Denise (their other daughter), who remain faithful to the DNA of the church -  experiencing God’s sovereign power at work to transform and heal  lives, while recognising that the Church must be relevant and accessible for every generation.  


  • Life Groups
  • Youth Group
  • Ministry Development School (MDS)
  • Outdoors Group
  • Kids Church
  • Mums and Bubs Group
  • Under 5's Programme 
  • Encourage Women


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